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Welcome to my website. I am Bas Kelderman, a dutch drawing artist and graphic designer.

I’m very excited to share with you my ink drawings, illustrations, art and the story every drawing tells. All my drawings are handmade.

My realistic cartoonish drawings are all about life. My favorite subjects are: daily life, transportation vehicles, traveling and culture. I love to draw human behavior, colorful people and hilarious or absurd situations to make viewers laugh or be amazed. Or beautiful things, that have to be seen and shared with the world.

Every week I’ll be making drawings. Unless I’m too busy with my work as a graphic designer that week. In the future, I will make a webshop with artwork, so you can order and enjoy it. Come on in, take a peek, and explore with me!


Professional Graphic design and illustrations

After studying Graphic Design (BDes) at the prestigious Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in The Netherlands, I worked as a (freelance) graphic designer and art-director for over 20 years. In 2017 I started working 100% for my own illustration and graphic design company ‘Meneer Kelderman’, which I founded in 1999.

For professional illustrations, digital illustrations and graphic design projects, please check my other website:

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Ink drawings, illustrations and other projects by artist Bas Kelderman. I love making high quality, unique, handcrafted artwork and share it. Frequently updated, please come back any time.


All rights reserved. It’s not allow to copy or use any images, drawings or illustrations for commercial or personal use without permisson. For usages or licences please contact me.

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